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Story Of My Life

I wanted to share this with you all, I did this as an assignment in my class with Bernard Hiller, we were to write a 2 page script about our life... I hope this bring you inspiration, love, and peace.

WARNING: There is some mature content in here so if you are under 15 PLEASE ask an ADULT to read it FIRST before you, and if they find it appropriate they can read it to you. Please if you are under 15 ask your parents permission to continue to read this.

Also there is a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in here but I think that's what makes it perfect, because life is like that :) so instead of what I normally would do which is to have someone check my spelling and grammar, here it is, completely un-edited and raw.


"My life was a very interesting gone to say the very least. My first memory I ever had was when I was 2 asking “I want a brother and sister” and that is the first thing I ever remember. Maybe its because its the first time I really wanted something.

I always had a way of getting what I wanted, I got those sibling and loved them very much. I knew I didn’t want a “normal” life I wanted to be “different” but in wanting to be “different” I found how alike I was to everyone in the world.

When I was 7 I was sexually abused by my grandfather, before then I was a very happy go lucky kid, after that happened I became very fearful, I had a lot of anxiety and to this day I experience anxiety from time to time.

I went through 11 years of silence then my grandfather died, and I lost a boyfriend who I thought was the love of my life. It made me go down a HUGE spiral, but in that I found a way out of the hole I was in. It was like I had to go down there to find who I really was.

In the abuse and in the worst storm of my life I found that I was an actor, an incredible human being that makes a difference in the world. I grew up wanting to be an actor, it started with Harry potter because I wanted to escape my life, but then I found out what acting really was and I fell in love with “ACTING” but not acting “BEING” in life. It was the most I ever felt, so connected and I CRAVED THAT!

So I go through life avoided the abuse, the pain, but then I did a course called “The landmark Forum” that is when a new birth of life was triggered inside me. I found who I really was by realizing that when I was 7 and I was abused I said to myself “I am not loved” “I am wrong” “There is something wrong with me” and since then up until 25 I believed that was the truth, not even knowing that it was I who was saying all of it.

When I did the forum I realized who was saying all of those self destructing thoughts... me. Once I realized that “Eliana” emerged, but not the Eliana that was given to me by name, by circumstance, but by the one I created... from nothing.

From then I finally choose for the first time, I choose to take my life into my own hands, I choose I was incredible, that I was powerful, that I am infinte. Only 2 months later I moved to Atlanta to continue my dreams to be an Actress within a few months of moving to ATL I was already with the prestigious talent agency “in LA and the best boutique agency in Atlanta”. Since then I got married to an incredible man.

For the first time I was with someone who didn’t complete me. But added to who I was. He was a whole world not missing anything, and I was my own world in the infinite space I created for myself.

I have never been in such a peaceful relationship ever! I was married. This union made me powerful, reliable, and full of integrity. He pushed me to start TIKTOK which now I have over 3 million followers and that is because I stopped holding things back. Like I was always afraid to “share” because someone was going to make it instead of me. When I realized that I pushed through that and started sharing myself, started listening to what people wanted, not what I thought they wanted. I became unstoppable.

Now I own a production company ME Pictures, and I teach classes of acting to people all over the world, work with HUGE brands on campaigns, and changing the world.

I told you I always got what I wanted, and I did... everything I have today is because of everything that happened to me when I was 7. That little moment in time I called “horrible” was actually the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It makes me get chills just saying that, because I am who I am, because it’s who I am. And I am so grateful to wakeup every day and call this my life. How ever long I am granted to live on this earth, I am committed to continue to transform lives, the world, and me.

I look forward to who I will become next."

- Love Eliana

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